Over the years I’ve been lucky to have been asked to speak about different topics including craftivism, radical craft, subversive textiles, feminism¬†+ resilience and finding your voice. Through sharing images of craftwork being done presently and in the past, I like harnessing how you can use that power of agency that making gives to find, tweak and create your unique identity. Via a lens of my own story, which includes finding resilience and finding my way home to my own voice and joy, it is my greatest hope that I can help others see how their voice matters and how they can take from the past and present to create and empower their own future.

I’ve spoken close to home (places like University of North Carolina, NC State and Durham Arts Guild) as well as farther away (Oslo National Academy for the Arts, The V&A Museum, Fashion Institute of Technology to name a few) and would love to speak with you about adding to my list.