What I do: Over the years, I’ve helped spread the word about how crafts can change the world. I’ve written about it, spoken about it, and helped others shape their own words about it, too. Along the way, I’ve also helped further workers’ rights with years of editing audits, white papers, third-party complaints, and various reports in the labor industry.

What this all means is that I know about writing for different audiences. And when you should hone in on one authentic voice or should strip out that voice entirely, depending on the targeted audience.

I love helping people shape and strengthen their work. I also love creating work that inspires others, which I have a track record of doing. Therefore, my goal is to either help you produce the best content possible or to write that content, depending on what you need. I can also help you get up to speed on social media, so once you write that content, the world will know about it.

Who I am: Primarily, I’m a writer and editor. Secondarily, I’m a speaker, theorist, and maker, among other things. In early 2015, after 5 years in Washington, DC, I moved to Durham, North Carolina, where I’ve been helping people with their writing and writing some of my own words for publication.

In 2003, I started an international creative movement based on the relationship between crafts and activism, an event that was noted in American Craft’s 70 Years of Making timeline! This achievement has led to many great things, the best one being that I know how to take small ideas and make them mighty.

To learn a little more about me what I do when I’m not helping other people, check out this feature on me from the Washington City Paper. For a further look into what I’ve done beyond editing and writing, you can go here and here. I can also be found around the web on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Have some text that needs editing, feedback, or to be otherwise worked on? Need someone to write some inspiring copy? Go ahead and email me directly, so we can talk about what you’re up to and how I can help.