Social Media Help

In 2003, I started a creative movement and over the years have helped it thrive online with social media and a blog I’ve been running for 12 years. With this experience, I bring a wide swath of social media knowledge to the table, having literally created my own niche and grown it into a word and a concept that’s now used internationally.

And when I say literally, I mean it. The word “craftivism” has gone from 2 Google hits online in 2003 to 100,000+ (depending on browser) hits in 2015. Taking a word that was made up one night at a knitting circle to over 100K mentions wasn’t done all by myself, it was done through telling my story, sharing my idea, and meeting like-minded people who then also shared my idea. And it’s led to being flown around the US and Canada, and to Europe to give talks; to publishers coming and knocking on my doors; and to international press over the last decade.

With this experience, I have learned how to:

    • find your unique story and sell it;
    • turn a tiny idea into a might one; and
    • inspire others by sharing personal stories.

With these skills, I can help your organization come up with a content calendar for the next month, 6 months, or year, which means no more wondering what the heck to post on Facebook, if that meme really is the best thing to put up on Twitter, or when to start publicizing that big event. Additionally, using various tools and tricks, I also offer groups slots of several hours a week dedicated to scheduling and writing all things related to social media and blogs.

In short, I offer editing and social media help without you having to pay me benefits. I help lessen the need for a full-time employee by being able to help you wherever you are in your business, at whatever level you need.

It’s okay if you’re not convinced, I mean, after all, this is the internet, right? Therefore, I offer free 20-minute Skype or phone chats where we can talk about what you need and if I’m the right person for the job. As I run my own business, too, I’ll also tell you about any tricks you might be able to start using whether you hire me or not.

Getting your social media problems sorted? It’s just one click away.