With thousands of programs and apps out there, it can be hard to pick just the right ones. Therefore, here’s a list of some of the things I use to make my life easier. Some of them I’m just beginning to learn,* while others I’m quite familiar with. None of these programs pay me, I just couldn’t live life as easily without them.

If you’d like to learn more about how they can benefit you, email me and let’s talk. If you just want to check ’em out, that’s okay, too. This page is an homage to all the similar pages on the internet where awesome people share what’s working for them, and where I always learn about new great things!

What I’m currently using: 

  • Pocket (I use this to save articles I want to either read in full later or share on social media.)
  • Pinterest (Where I share photos I like, stories I’ve written, and other interesting things.)
  • Twitter (It’s like texting all of your friends at once with witty musings, and helps me find story sources fast.)
  • Facebook (Via my personal page, I share work things with the public.)
  • Instagram (Where all my cat photos, along with snaps from my day, live on the internet.)
  • IFTTT (I use this to link up various apps to various platforms, making social media easy peasy.)
  • Buffer (The mother of all sharing programs that comes with an incredibly helpful blog.)
  • Hootsuite (Scheduling posts and tweets.)
  • Dropbox (Where documents are stored and shared easily.)
  • 30/30 (A productivity tool that makes me happy and helps me finish to-do lists.)
  • Evernote (To capture all the things: from websites to notes to photos.)
  • 5 Minute Journal (Helping me take 5 minutes a day to remember to be grateful for what I have.)
  • Scannable (This scanning app makes scanning easy.)
  • Afterlight (Editing photos with tricks that are easy to learn, taking good photos in low light.)
  • Mailchimp (Sending a newsletter with help from a monkey makes things easier.)
  • Giphy (Because the world needs more cat .gifs.)


*New apps and programs I’m playing with: 

  • Canva (Learning how to make images prettier with text.)
  • Typeform (Learning how to make forms less boring.)
  • FreshBooks (Learning to conquer invoicing and accounting at once.)
  • Skillshare (Because learning is fun.)